HIIT That Muffin (Top) Begins

Tomorrow’s the start of my much-awaited fitness challenge.   Finally I was able to convince myself to do this.

Few weeks ago I spent my vacant time surfing YouTube channels for workouts that I will include in my routine for this challenge.  Zumba, high-intensity aerobics, kickboxing – these were the workouts that helped me lose weight four years ago so I decided to do the same as well.  I wanted a fresh start so I looked for new videos.  While searching, I came across with some videos that have a word that caught my attention: HIIT.

I am always intrigued by this HIIT thing.  Although I’m fully aware of its definition, I haven’t incorporated it into my routines.  So I thought maybe now’s the time to do it.

I saw two YouTube channels that have HIITs: Continue reading